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We reduce your risk of getting defrauded online by acting as a trusted third party that accepts, holds and executes payment on deals

how LipaSafe works

agree on terms

buyer and seller agree to terms of the deal

submit payment

buyer submits payment to LipaSafe with M-PESA

seller delivers

seller delivers a quality product to the buyer

buyer approves

buyer inspects and approves the product

lipasafe pays

lipasafe releases payment to the seller

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By using LipaSafe, there is concrete assurance that the seller will deliver and the buyer will pay on the spot. No more worrying about trust issues.

You can also download the LipaSafe Mobile app for Android and transact on the go!

no hidden fees

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M-PESA deposits are free.
We charge a 2.9% service fee + MPESA tariffs for every transaction we protect.
We charge a 1% forfeit fee + MPESA tariffs on all refunds.

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